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Chalet Inn GatlinburgFinding a great place to stay in Gatlinburg can be a challenge. All of the hotels, no matter how much you look on their own sites all claim they are the best around. However, you know this is not true as their is only one hotel that is heads and shoulders above the rest. Unfortunately the Chalet Inn is not the best in Gatlinburg, but it is a hotel that we are going to review here. So you will find this is a location that you need to know about because before you book you should know the positives and the negatives that are found with the hotel or you could have some problems in enjoying your trip because you booked the wrong hotel to stay in.

Pros Of The Chalet Inn

Parking is a challenge when you are in Gatlinburg, but you are going to enjoy the fact that this is a location that has plenty of free parking for you to use when you are a guest. So this is going to be something else that you will like with the location. You are also going to enjoy the fact this location does have a beautiful outdoor pool that will make it easier for you to get some relaxation when you are done in the mountains for the day or when you walk back from the town. Something else that you are going to like is the fact the motel does have balconies on the river and this is going to make it easier for you to get the relaxation that you want to have with the beauty of the city around you as well.

Cons Of The Chalet Inn

This is a location that has had quite a few negative reviews as of late on The reviews have varied from some of the smells that were present in the rooms, but also the lack of WiFi service that is claimed as free but only works if you are at a certain location in the hotel. Something else that a lot of people have complained about is just how horribly dated the location has been and this is an aspect that a lot of people cannot overlook because they want to have a place to stay that actually looks good and is not going to leave them wanting more.

Location Of The Chalet Inn

The location of the hotel can be tricky to find, but here is the address and directions.

516 Sunset Drive

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this location you will want to turn right onto River Road, which is in front of the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. You will then follow this road down to Cottage Drive. When you reach this you will want to turn right onto Cottage Drive. Going up a short distance you will see Long Branch Road on the left hand side. You will turn onto this road and then proceed around this road until you see Sunset Drive going off to the right hand side of the road. The Chalet Inn is at the end of this lane and this will make it easier for you to find the location.

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The Chalet Inn is a nice, but reportedly dated location, so if it does not suit your needs please check out our other Gatlinburg hotels.

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