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Gatlin's Mini Golf In Gatlinburg


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Discover Gatlin’s Mini Golf Located In Gatlinburg

golf photoPlaying mini golf is something that I like to do because it is a family-friendly activity and usually any age of kids are able to do this type of game, even my three-year-old is able to play mini golf. With that being the case we really love the fact that Gatlinburg has quite a few options when it comes to playing mini golf. In this article, I plan on covering Gatlin’s and share what we thought of the place, with regards to mini golf, but also let you know what we did not like about Gatlin’s as well.

What I Liked About Gatlin’s

Gatlin’s is a place that addresses a lot of issues that I have had in the past with mini golf and that is the crowds. They do this by having a couple of different courses for you to pick from. They have an amazing outdoor mini golf course you can play on. However, if you want to do something different and have a challenge the blacklight course is fun to play on as well. Now, depending on the age of your children they may not have a lot of fun on the blacklight course because it can be a little bit of a challenge and easily frustrate some of the younger kids.

We love the price of this location as well. We are a family of five, which I have mentioned before and that means anything we do is expensive. So we really like the fact the price is very family friendly and it is going to be something that you are going to want to consider. That really helps lure you into the place, but what is great is the fun you are going to have here is amazing compared to what you could literally spend hundreds of dollars on at your home and not have as good of a time.

What I Did Not Like About Gatlin’s

While I do have kids and they like the easier courses, I do not mind being challenged by the courses at times. With that being the case, the blacklight course is a lot more difficult than the normal outside difficult course. This is going to be something that I never really will be able to balance out properly, but it is going to be something that if you have kids you need to be aware of because it does mean the course will be easy for them, but if you play this quite a bit you are going to find the game can be easy to play for adults.

Location Of Gatlin’s In Gatlinburg

Gatlin’s is found at

716 Parkway which is Reagan Terrace Mall.

Our Final Thoughts On Gatlin’s In Gatlinburg

If you are looking for a great family-friendly activity, then you will enjoy playing mini golf with your kids. However, one aspect that you need to consider is where to go and play mini golf in Gatlinburg because they have so many different mini golf courses that are in Gatlinburg. With that being the case, we have decided to talk about Gatlin’s, which is a decent place and has had some updates that have gone on. What is even better is the pricing that is seen at this location as it is affordable and easy for a family on a budget when they are vacationing in Gatlinburg.

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