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Discover This Unique Excursion – Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

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Traveling in Gatlinburg is a lot of fun with the shopping and the mountains. However, outside of the walking that you can do in the town, you will notice there are plenty of unique things for you to do. Some of them you will already know about like Ober Gatlinburg, but some of them you may not even realize they exist. One of those attractions we have found to be very unique and definitely, something you will want to experience will be the Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum. Since this is one of those hidden away types of attractions, we decided to share our thoughts on the place and let you know why you should stop here.

What We Like About The Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

Usually when you are at a place that is a museum the first thing your kids are going to do is start to shrug their shoulders and try to figure out how to get out of going. However, when you tell them you are going to the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum they usually start to try to run. Once you arrive, though, your kids will start to notice, like mine did, this is a museum that is completely different. It is an amazing collection of various salt and pepper shakers but collected from all walks of time.

The wide range of shakers in the collection is definitely something else we loved about this museum. With a lot of museums that are not really focused on any of the single items and do an overall collection. This is very limiting for them because they try to get something for everyone. Here, the collection is focused on the one aspect they specialize in and this allows them to have quite a few items that you can see and know they are an item you normally would not see in a regular museum.

As a final aspect, we are always worried about the cost of going somewhere. That is mainly because are a family of five. So this is definitely a major concern and at the time of writing this, the cost for each person was very minimal. This is a great feature because not only is the museum a lot of fun when you are in Gatlinburg, but it is also a place that will make it easier for you to have a great time for an affordable price.

What We Did Not Care For

The issue that we have with the museum is nothing more than the location. You may not think about this, but you need to realize when you are in Gatlinburg a lot of people never get out of the town itself to explore the region other than the mountains. This is the one thing that we did not like about the museum because it is hard to find at times and unless you are looking around you could easily miss the place or just stumble upon it at times.

Location Of The Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum is located in Winery Square. The physical address of the museum if you want to go and experience this thrilling location is:

461 Brookside Village Way

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

You can also find the museum on their website at:

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

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Our Final Thoughts On The Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

This is a great place that is not like the typical museums that are all over the place on what they have on display. The museum has some great shakers for you to see, but also some amazing things that you are not going to find anywhere else. This makes this place one of the most unique locations you will be able to go out and see. At the same time, though, it is kind of out of the way so you have to make it a point to stop here. Once you do, you will not be disappointed as the price of admission is affordable for a family, but the amount of displays inside is something that is amazing as well.


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