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Gatlinburg’s Little Log Wedding Chapel

Wedding ChapelGetting married in Gatlinburg is a dream for a lot of people, but it can be a challenge to find the proper wedding chapel because Gatlinburg at our last count had eleven to pick from. So what do you do? Well, you often will turn to the Internet and look at all the different Gatlinburg wedding chapels to see which one is going to meet your needs and which one will not allow you to have your dream wedding. At, Travel To Gatlinburg, we know this is a challenge because you want everything to be perfect and if it is not it usually is not the good start to married life. Since this can be the case, we have decided to continue our series reviewing the different wedding chapels. In this instance, we are going to cover Gatlinburg’s Little Log Wedding Chapel, which I have to say has a very beautiful setting and definitely is a wedding chapel that if you were not in love when you arrived will help guarantee you are in love when you leave the chapel.

Location Of Gatlinburg’s Little Log Wedding Chapel

Finding your way to the wedding chapel is definitely going to be one of the most important things for you to do. However, nothing is worse than thinking you have found the right wedding chapel only to find out after you and your entire party get out that you have reached the wrong place, like the Chapel at the Park. So this is definitely going to be something you will want to know is where the location is and that is why we are providing the address with a little bit of a Google Map to make it easier for you to have the right chapel and are going to know where you can go. If you do get lost, you will find we do have the phone number linked and your smartphone can call to get the directions to the chapel.

945 Glades Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


So as you can tell by the map up above this is outside of the town. I did try to get you a little bit bigger map to help you find the main roads, but when I did this it started to distort the map’s destination. So it would not work for the detail that I wanted to provide to you as our reader. The good news is the map does have the small little zoom out button, which allows you to navigate around the wedding chapel to find the main roads that will make it easier for you to get to the chapel you are going to get married to your soulmate in.

What Does The Wedding Chapel Offer

  • Multiple wedding packages for you to select from when you are getting married. Now compared to some of the chapels that we have looked at the packages are very affordable and reasonable. So you will have a chance to pick from the wedding package you are going to want to have, but also know that you are going to get everything that you want to have from the package and that it will provide you with the wedding you want to have.
  • If the wedding packages that are not already set in stone, you will find the company does have a build your own type of package as well. This is going to make it easier for you to get the package that you want to have and know that you are adding in what else you want to have. The downside is the build your own is going to be a quoted price based on the information you provide, but this is definitely going to be something that is worthwhile if you want to have a wedding done a specific way.
  • A photo booth is something else that you may enjoy and can definitely provide some candid pictures for you to look back on when you get older or when you want to show something to your friends. This is an added feature, but it is definitely going to be worth the money you have to spend to get the pictures and depending on the package you can even get the full copyright release on these pictures. So you will be able to do whatever you want to with the pictures you have taken.
  • Receptions are a great way to state the celebration of married life. When you are looking at this chapel, you will notice they have 2 different reception areas for you to go to. One of them is by the river, which can be a very beautiful and moving area to go. Just make sure the water is not flooding when you are here or you could have an issue. The other place is on the mountain. The mountain reception will remind you that you are in the beautiful Smokies, but also allow you to have the scenic mountains as the backdrop for the reception.

What Do Others Think

While I will provide my final thoughts in a minute, I thought you may like to see what others think about the location before I bring up what I think. Since that is the case, here are some reviews from the Internet or at least excerpts of them.

One review would say this about the location, “They are so friendly”. So it is easy to see the staff is friendly and will put you at ease. However, just like we said being put at ease the same reviewer would say, “and made everything go smooth”. As you can tell this is just one of the experiences this person had, but a wedding day can be nerve-racking enough, let alone having a headache of a day with a bad experience at the chapel.

My Final Thoughts

Well, I have to admit, this location is beautiful and it is definitely something you will want to keep in mind if you are looking for a wedding chapel. The prices are also very reasonable compared to some of the other chapels I have seen while researching these articles. Since this is the case, I would definitely say you may want to consider Gatlinburg’s Little Log Wedding Chapel when you decide to get married in beautiful Gatlinburg.


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