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Gateway To The Smokies RV Park


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Gateway To The Smokies Campground

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the Smokies, but it also is hard to find a spot to camp at times with all the campgrounds filling up so quickly. With that being said, it is very easy to see why some campgrounds have grown wildly popular like the one I am going to talk about today that is outside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is actually located around Gatlinburg in Pigeon Forge and not in Gatlinburg itself. The campground talked about is the Gateway To The Smokies Campground.

Where Is Gateway To The Smokies RV Park & Campground Located

Well, I already said the campground is not in the park itself nor Gatlinburg proper. So that leaves open the question as to where the campground is located. I mean I already said the campground is located in the Pigeon Forge area and not Gatlinburg. So what is the address of the campground and even a map to help you find the campground.

210 Conner Heights Road

Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

What Does Gateway To The Smokies RV Campground Offer

  • Cabins
  • RV Campsites
  • Fire Rings
  • Wading And Regular Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Dog Park
  • Fire Rings

Cabins For Those Without An RV

Staying near the mountains or in the middle of the mountains is often a dream of a lot of people. I know that a lot of people who I have talked to want to where they can stay in a cabin, but have a campground experience. Well, at Gateway to the Smokies RV Park it is very easy for you to get the campground experience and stay in a cabin. What else is great is the location is only 7.5 miles from Gatlinburg, which means you are not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park either.

Now, I did find it interesting that if you are thinking about a cabin, like I have a tendency to do, you think about the cabins with the hot tubs, private baths, and a lot of creature comforts. Well, I have to keep reminding myself that not all cabins have those comforts and definitely not in a campground. Now, in the cabins here you get a mini-fridge, charcoal grill, AC/Heat, cable television, WiFi, and a television. As far as the creature comforts for the sleeping arrangements the A-Frame cabin has 2 full sized beds. Now, as a drawback the cabin does not have a restroom. However, it is a short walk from the cabin and by the shower house.

I know not everyone is going to want to settle for a cabin that is not able to use the restroom or cook in. Well, that is when you may want to step up your game with by looking at the luxury cabins. I know this does cost a little bit more and could end up landing out of your budget, but it is not that horrible of a price for a cabin. I quickly started some research on the luxury cabins at the Gateway to the Smokies RV campground to see what they have and found they have all the comforts above, but have a couple of more. Now, the luxury cabins here near Pigeon Forge have a fully equipped kitchen and a full bath as well.

Now, it is important to note that all of the cabins have access to all the amenities that are included in the campground. Yes, that means you have access to the dog park, swimming pool, playground, the laundry room, and all the other features listed above.

Campsites Near Gatlinburg

Okay, I know not everyone will want to pay for a cabin, which I can completely understand. Well, that means you will be looking at the campsites in Gateway to the Smokies campground. The campsites are definitely going to be varied, but they will definitely provide you with all the options and creature comforts you would like to see.

Primitive sites are just what they say. The primitive campsites are exactly what you would think which is for a tent. Now, the primitive sites have no hookups at all, but they also do not have any of the extras outside of what the park already offers. In fact, when I was doing my research for the primitive sites you do have to request a fire ring or picnic table even.

Standard camping sites are those that are going to be what you will get for a standard camping site. These are the sites that can hold either your tent or your RV. Now, at the standard camping sites in the Pigeon Forge area campground you get water/sewer hookups which is a nice feature, but you are do have to use a sewer seal. What else you get at the standard camping sites is the electric which is a 30/50 amp service. The standard site will have a variety of options on the surface from grass, gravel, to concrete, but do not have the apron. If you want a great feature is the cable and WiFi that is available at your site.

Premium sites are another great feature and come with a little bit more in the way of room for your spread out with. These sites have the same features as listed above, but tend to have a deluxe fire ring built in, but also 15 foot driveway going back to the campsite which provides you with even more room to spread out and that could definitely be helpful if you have a larger RV or just want the extra room to run around in.

Sidney James Mountain Lodge

Sidney James Mountain Lodge

A stay at Sidney James Mountain Lodge places you in the heart of Gatlinburg, walking distance from Mynatt Park and Gatlinburg Convention Center. Featured amenities include a 24-hour front desk, multilingual staff, and laundry facilities. Planning an event in Gatlinburg? This motel has facilities measuring 1600 square feet (149 square meters), including conference space. Free self parking is available onsite.

Gateway To The Smokies Campground – Camping Around Gatlinburg

What Others Say About Gateway To The Smokies Campground

Now, I did look up some of the reviews people left about the campground. As you can imagine they are varied and on Google it is rated at 4.3 star on the day that I am writing this.

Cara Collins had this to say about Gateway To The Smokies Campground, “the bathrooms were CLEAN”. I have to say that normally I would not even think about restrooms and how clean they are, but with the coronavirus and after seeing some of the campground bathrooms I have been in before I know this is a great thing to read.

Now, Kathy Henry had this to say, but in her review on Google still provided a 4/5 stars. Her main complaint may end up being a little bit of warning to those who are tent camping with this mention, “don’t like the standard tent sites with no shade”. At times I could see this would not be that big of a problem, but in the middle of summer it would be horrible as the Sevier County summer heat does get warm.

YouTube Video On Gateway To The Smokies Campground

Gateway To The Smokies Campground Has Your Gatlinburg Camping Needs Covered

Camping in the Gatlinburg area is definitely a great way to connect to the mountains and get in touch with the mountain air and often minus the pollution. At the same time, finding a campsite in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is not always possible. Since that is the case, I thought it was time to cover Gateway To The Smokies RV Park and Campground. This place is one that is very highly rated and has a variety of options for you to use if you want to stay in. At the same time, I will mention that I really like all the options and with some of the basic amenities it will not encourage you to avoid the mountains and stay at the campsite. Overall, if you are looking for a campground near Gatlinburg then the Gateway to the Smokies campground is definitely one place that has your camping covered.

Does The Campground Have A River For Fishing?

Sadly with the campground here it does not have a river, but the good news is Little Pigeon River is not far from the campground.

Can You Bike At The Campground?

Now, unlike the campgrounds in the national park, there are no official bike trails in the park, but the roads work great for biking.

Does Gateway To The Smokies Campground Have Free Parking?

Yes, for guest you will find that you have free parking available.

What Are The Popular Attractions Near The Campground?

As mentioned the campground is only 7.5 miles from Gatlinburg, but that is not all that is close by. You have the Kryptology Escape room, the Track, and Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction all of which are under a mile from the campground.

Is Gateway To The Smokies RV Park Handicap Accessible?

Yes, there are area of the campground that are wheelchair accessible. If you need specifics it is best if you contact the campground directly.


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