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Finding Powered Scooters And Wheelchairs In Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a beautiful city and what is even better is the fact that this is a town that has a lot of handicap accessible places for you to use as well. However, it is a city that involves quite a bit of walking and this is going to make it difficult for people that need to have some type of walking aid or even worse need to have a powered or manual powered wheelchair. The good news is we have done quite a bit of research and thank you to the ones who helped us do the research at Gatlinburg’s official tourism bureau. We have found a place that does offer the wheel chair rentals and we definitely would highly recommend them because Byron, the guy we spoke with on the phone is extremely helpful, but also the pricing is amazing.

So What Is This Amazing Gatlinburg Wheelchair Rental Place Called?

Now the place is actually called Maypops. This is a place that you are going to find as an odd name, but they are located in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Maypops is a great place that if you are in Gatlinburg is very centrally located towards the end of town with the Gatlinburg Inn being across the street. So this is going to be something that is fairly easy for you to find, but even better is the ski lift is not far away from MayPops either. So this makes it easier to find. Now. something that you could easily overlook is where this place is because it does sell turkey legs, donuts, and other food type of items. So this makes it a little bit harder to find the wheelchair rental place, but they do have scooters located on the outside of the building towards the parking lot that has it written down as rent me on the signs.

Where Can I Find Maypops At? 

Now this will make it easier because you can put this into your GPS on your smart phones and easily track down the location. That is the address of the business that does the Gatlinburg wheelchair rentals.

The address is:

754 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

We did give the general location up above, but this makes it quite a bit easier for you to find the location. So this will help out tremendously, but what else will be helpful for you is at the time of this writing they do have a large parking lot that is close by, but we are not sure if this is a voucher lot or if it is a free lot. Just make sure you are aware of this when you are looking into Maypops for your Gatlinburg wheelchair or electric scooter rental.

Does Maypops Have A Website For More Information? 

Yes, the best part is Maypops does have a website. The downside is it is not under the name Maypops. Instead, the website for the Gatlinburg wheel chair rental is http://scooterrentalsandsales.com/ so this is definitely a website you are going to want to visit for the most up to date pricing information if you are looking for a rental for a wheel chair or if you are just looking for a scooter. Either way this is a great way for anyone who is disabled to find a wheel chair rental.

If you prefer to call the Gatlinburg wheelchair rental location you can do so on the phone number: 865-259-2255.

No matter what or what your handicap is you deserve a great vacation in Gatlinburg so make sure you check out Maypops today to have a great trip and enjoy the beauty of this charming town.


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