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Quality Home Decor In Gatlinburg – Farmhouse Mercantile

Farmhouse MercantileFor frequent travelers to Gatlinburg, you may recognize the name Farmhouse Mercantile. The reason you recognize the name is the shop is one that was closed by the Gatlinburg wildfires a few years back. However, we have been in contact with the owners of the store via Twitter and the store is back! The location is one that still has a lot of the same decor and beautiful items that we all loved before, but it is in a new location. What else is great is the location is coming back with some stunning Gatlinburg home decor items for you to love, but also allow you to bring back something from Gatlinburg that you can have in your home longer than the first party when you bring out the moonshine. So what are you going to find? Where can you find Farmhouse Mercantile? Should you go to the shop and spend some time and money? Well, that is what you are going to find out here in this article.

Location Of Farmhouse Mercantile

Farmhouse Mercantile - Gatlinburg Home Decor ShopIf you had shopped here before the wildfires, then you know it was a little bit down from the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts community. However, what you are going to notice here is going to be the location is new and it is going to be inside of the loop. This makes it easier for you to find the store, but also have a chance to park your car in a single location and then explore some of the closer shops, but since you may already be heading to the Arts & Crafts community it is easier for you to see that this is one of the best places for you to go and locate some unique items and that usually means you are already heading to the loop. When you are already at the loop, it is easier for you to find the shop and know it is a very easy stop for you to make and know that you can finally find the location while already in the area! It is important to note that at the time of this publication in the middle of April, the store has only been reopened for about a month.

What Does Farmhouse Mercantile Offer

Gatlinburg Home DecorThe location is one that actually is going to be quite amazing in what it offers as it functions several different aspects of what you could be looking for. One of the major things the location offers is home decor. These decors do vary greatly in what they appear as, but one thing is commonly seen in all of the themes no matter what is they are typically vintage or farmhouse in nature. While this may not seem like it would make that much of a difference in your home if you have watched at any of the decorating shows on television then you will find that vintage and farmhouse seems to be the latest style that is in right now and definitely is a style that many people have wanted to get in their home, but seem to struggle to find the items they want in the house. At this location, it definitely gives you the chance to locate some of the decor you are looking for.

Now, you may be thinking already, well this is just a home decor store I do not need to go here, my wife or husband will just want to buy the most expensive thing in the shop. Well, the location is one that has gone a step over the basics of home decor and definitely provides you with the gift shop as well as other items that are going to be covered down below. At the gift shop, you may notice the store has a wide selection of handmade items and that provides you with the chance to see a wide range of products that are one of a kind items, but also a range of items you may have never thought about needing before. What else is great about the handmade items is once you do buy the items you can start to feel the quality and love that the artist or craftsperson put into the items when they were making them. Something else you can enjoy is the staff knows what most of the items are and how they are used, so it allows you to know what you are getting and how it works, rather than buying something thinking you know and finding out that the way you planned on using it means you just wasted a lot of your money on a broken item.

Farmhouse Mercantile - Gatlinburg Home Decor ShopEveryone has to get cleaned up at some point or at least wants to have a good smell in their home of the time they spent in Gatlinburg. Well, when you are shopping at Farmhouse Mercantile you need to make sure you check out the latest lines of handmade soaps they have available. These soaps are simply amazing and definitely worth the cost, but if you want to have something that is a little bit more pleasing and can be shared with the entire family, then check out the Scentchips. These are a luxury type of melt that brings all the warm and rich memories you have of your time in the Smokies flooding back to you again as the scents are the ones that drew you to them on your vacation in Gatlinburg.

In addition to having a chance to smell good, you may want to bring home something that you can consume from Gatlinburg. No, I do not mean the moonshine again that I always seem to get. I mean the honey which is available here. The honey is from Tennessee and I have to say, I do not know why, that the honey seems to be very sweet and even with the raw honey that I get from where I live, it is very difficult to find one that has the same taste quality and flavor profile from the Tennessee honey.

Farmhouse Mercantile - Gatlinburg Home Decor Shop

What good would a gift shop be if they did not have any antiques? Well, in my eyes that would be okay, but in others that is a downfall of a shop. At this location, it actually has a limited range of antiques for you to browse. Now, this is not a true antique shop in that is all they sell, so the supply of antiques is limited, but it is a location that does have a variety of antiques and vintage items for you to look over and explore. Just as a heads up, though, if you do see something you want I would get it right away and not just do the typical thing of I will get it later, because it may not be around when you come back later on.

The guys may want to start to shudder at this next section and just hand their wife the credit card as the shop does have a nice ladies accessory section as well. This section has an amazing selection of items you may never spoil yourself with when you are home, but when on vacation it tends to loosen up the wallet quite a bit and definitely makes it easier for you to make the buys on the items you want.

Should I Shop At Farmhouse Mercantile

Shopping in GatlinburgThis is a great question and definitely something that can make a difference in stopping here or not. I will say the store is still fairly new and has started to rebuild since the fires. However, what you are going to need to realize is this location has a lot of different items that are unique and completely different than what is already available in a lot of the stores. The best part is the antiques in the location, which are definitely going to set the place apart from all the other stores you can shop at. At the same time, I can tell you from talking to the owner the location is expanding their inventory. The best part is the inventory is definitely from the smaller suppliers and often are family owned suppliers that are looking for an outlet to sell their products at. Since that is the case, it is going to make it very easy for you to find the right products that are completely different than what you can find on the strip and even at some of the other shops on the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts loop.

What Do I Enjoy About The Location

Okay, I love the fact this is a small business that has rebuilt from the Gatlinburg wildfires and reopened. Yes, the location was one that was open before the wildfires and not far from the current location. However, I have to say that it did take some time as it did for a lot of places to rebuild and open. This actually is a good thing because it is great to see some of the older businesses starting to come around and definitely helps the local economy out quite a bit. At the same time, though, the location is one that is supporting other businesses as well by providing them an outlet to sell some of their products they need to be selling.

What else I really love about the location is the fact the items you can find here are fairly unique and not really something that you can find in other shops in town. Now, I do not want to drone on about that, but I really do love the fact that you are able to find quite a few items that you are not able to find anywhere else. Not to mention the antiques you can locate here are going to make it rather easy for you to buy an item that you never thought about finding in Gatlinburg, but cannot live without.

What I Do Not Like

Here is the challenge as I always try to keep the information balanced on what I am giving out and I have to say the one thing that I have found that is a negative is their website is still being developed. While I know the development of a website does take time, I know some people want to shop online and buy products online, which discounts from the experience, but at the same time if you are getting a refill of the soaps, or scents that are available at the store, you may not want to drive to Gatlinburg each time. Granted, I know that for me I would rather go to Gatlinburg each time, but it is not feasible no matter how much I wish it was. If you want to keep up with the latest news, though, you can check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

My Final Thoughts On Farmhouse Mercantile

Well, I have to say I am really happy to see another business coming back from the ashes of the Gatlinburg wildfires. At the same time, I have to admit I am really happy to see a store that is a little bit of variety, some antiques, and most of all happy to find a place that provides me with a chance to get items I normally would not buy anywhere else. What else is great is the staff is super friendly and the owners are nice as well, which means a great shopping experience. Overall, I have to say Farmhouse Mercantile is well worth the stop when you are shopping in Gatlinburg.


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