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Read The Review Of The Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

Gatlinburg Days Inn on the RiverDays Inn on the River Gatlinburg is one of those hotels that you may have seen in commercials, but you need to realize it is a great a location for you to enjoy if you want to travel to Gatlinburg. What else is interesting is the location of this Days Inn location and how it is going to make it easier for you to get the enjoyable trip that you want to have, but not have to be as concerned about spending a fortune on the location. With that being said, lets start our review of the Days Inn on the River Gatlinburg. Once you read this review, it will be easy for you to see if this is the location that you want to travel to or not.

Location Of Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

Generally when you are traveling you need to know where you are going before you arrive. This is especially true when you are trying to locate a hotel in the middle of Gatlinburg, a town that is very populated with hotels. The address for the Days Inn Gatlinburg on the River is:

304 Hemlock Street

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this location, you will need to come in from Pigeon Forge. When you are coming in from this location, before you reach the Mountain Mall, where 441 and 321 intersects, you are going to need to turn right onto Hemlock Street. When you turn right onto this street, you will quickly see that the hotel should be on your left hand side, but after you cross over the river.

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Exterior Features Of The Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

The exterior features of this location are fairly limited, but it does have a couple of features that you will enjoy and some of them are ones that you will want to know about. So we are going to cover some of these features, which will make it easier for you to know if you have booked the right location or if you need to consider a different location for your trip.

A main feature that you will like to see if the fact this is the location, which is right on the river. In fact, some of the rooms have another feature that falls under exterior and a room feature and that is the fact that some of the rooms have a balcony that is going to overlook the river. When it overlooks the river, it will allow you to sit on the balcony at night after you have returned from the mountains and sit down and listen to the river just going by at night.


Pools are another aspect you will most likely enjoy. Generally when you select a hotel in America, you will find almost all of the hotels, even those in the business districts and meant for business travel have a pool. The Days Inn is no different in the fact they have a seasonal outdoor pool that you can use, but they also have an outdoor spa as well. Both of these are seasonal, but they are well worth the cost of staying here for a different trip.

In some of the pictures of the location, which are shown below, you will see a fire pit with some chairs. These are near the parking lot, as you can tell by the vehicles parked close to it, but they are also going to allow you to have a great place to have a fire at and enjoy the river even more. A special note, that you would need to verify, is that I read that fishing inside of the city limits does not require a license.

Days Inn Gatlinburg on the RiverPool in Days Inn Gatlinburg on the RiverGatlinburg Days Inn on the River SpaOn The River Days Inn Gatlinburg

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Amenities Offered By The Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

Breakfast is often seen as the most important meal of the day and the Days Inn, which does not have an onsite restaurant makes it easier for you to find the best food around by providing you with a free continental breakfast. You may find this breakfast is a little lacking if you want depth, but you need to realize you are not paying anything for the food so you cannot really complain because in town the breakfast will cost you anywhere from five to twenty dollars per person.

Depending on the time of the year, you may find the fireplace, that is in the lobby to be a nice feature. This is going to allow you to have a chance to sit down next to a fire and enjoy the flames, but also know that this is how they used to heat the cabins up in the mountains all of those years ago.

Face it, messes can happen and generally when they do it happens on your clothing. However, what you need to realize is you have a chance to get the laundry completed here as they have a laundry facility that you can use. So you can get all of the dirty laundry cleaned up before you go home and have to do the laundry at your home.

Lobby AreaDays Inn Laundry Area Days Inn breakfast areaSitting area for breakfast at Days Inn Gatlinburg on the River

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Room Features Of The Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

Balconies are a great feature that you would really like to see when you are traveling in a beautiful area like Gatlinburg. When you see this location one of the key features that you will enjoy is the fact that each of the rooms has a balcony. With this you are going to have a great way to relax and be able to see the different parts of the mountains that you may have missed out on, because even at 2 in the morning all cities, even New York start to slow down, so you can imagine what Gatlinburg does.

Microwaves are another feature that is nice because it generally means you can make some quick food in your own room. However, you need to realize this food may not be the healthiest, but it is a great way to make a quick snack for yourself in the middle of the night or if you want to have a quick breakfast that is not included in the one that is provided.

Days Inn Gatlinburg room Guest room at Days Inn Gatlinburg on the RiverDays Inn Gatlinburg on the River shower

What Others Say About Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

Thewrite1 says this, “was very clean and comfortable.”

Eileen E says this, “clean rooms with fridge and microwave.”

Puglover1984 says this, “clean and all but just worn down.”

Rating Of The Days Inn Gatlinburg On The River

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If the Days Inn Gatlinburg on the River does not interest you, then you need to make sure you check out our other Gatlinburg hotels.


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