A Touch of Class – Gatlinburg Cabin Review




A Touch of Class - Gatlinburg Cabin Review


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A Touch of Class – Gatlinburg Cabin

Gatlinburg cabinFinally having a chance to travel to Gatlinburg can be exciting, but it can also lead to a sense of dread and panic at times for people who are not really sure where they are going to stay in Gatlinburg. Yes, the city has plenty of hotels, but some people have a sense of dread about staying in a hotel and I have to say I do not really blame them at times. That is what makes Gatlinburg a great place to spend your vacation because you will find the area has plenty of cabins for you to pick from for your place to stay at during your vacation. In this instance, we are going to continue to cover more of the Gatlinburg Cabins and have found A Touch of Class, an Elk Springs Resort property that it is going to be one of those that you could see as being simply amazing and stunning. So here is our review of the property.


Location Of A Touch of Class

Since this is a cabin you need to realize that it will not be on the Parkway in the middle of town, but it also will not be located far from town. However, it is very important for you to know how to reach the cabin so you can stay in the place and have a great trip. Since that is the case we are putting the address below, a phone number and a map to make it a little bit easier for you to find the cabin.

1921 Elk Springs Way

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


As you can tell from the map this place is not far from town, but at the same time, it is just far enough that you will have a chance to rest at night and not be concerned about the hotel’s noise or the city noise as well.

Features Of The Gatlinburg Cabin

  • This is a place that is going to have an amazing balcony that you can enjoy. You may have never thought about this before because you think the hotels have balconies, but they are small and usually not something you would want to sit on for a few hours. However, when you are here you will notice the place has an amazing balcony and the balcony has the added feature of a hot tub on it as well.
  • If it is raining outside and you are unable to get away from the cabin you may like the fact that you can enjoy some of the games that the cabin offers as well. The cabin does have a pool table and while this may not help with the younger kids, it is definitely a great way for the kids to pass the time when they are on vacation and because of the rain, you are stuck in the cabin and unable to get out of the cabin to do anything.
  • The living room in this cabin is going to be separate from the bedroom and this will definitely make it a lot more comfortable for the families that are traveling and will want to have some privacy in the cabin when they are traveling. So this is definitely a plus that you are going to like because you will enjoy the vacation even more.
  • Depending on the number of guests you have in the cabin you will find that it is going to be very important for you to know this cabin does have a sofa bed as well. So this is definitely a feature you are going to really like because it will make it easier for you to travel with everyone in your family and know they are going to have a comfortable time when you are traveling and be able to sleep.

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What I Like About The Cabin

I like the fact this is a great cabin that will allow you to have plenty of space to enjoy the vacation you are taking. This is something that you are really going to enjoy because it is going to allow you to have a great cabin that you can stretch out in, but also because you are in a cabin you will not be sharing the same room with everyone in the family. So this makes it easier for everyone to go to sleep at night and know they are in their own room, except for siblings who may share a room.

The kitchen is something else I like about the cabin as well. When you are looking at the cabins you will find that almost all of them are going to have some type of a kitchen. This is a great feature and one that I am going to love on a regular basis because it makes it easier for me to enjoy my trip and know the food that I am getting, but also since I usually go down for a week at a time save money on eating out all the time.

What I Dislike

Now, I have to say this cabin for all that it has going for it only has a pool table that we were able to see as some of the entertainment features. This is not really that much in the way of entertainment and if you have any younger kids you will have to watch them like a hawk if they are going anywhere near the pool table to make sure they do not scratch the surface of the table at all.

My Final Thoughts On A Touch of Class

As you can tell this is an amazing Gatlinburg cabin that you can book for your vacation. What is even better is this is a cabin that is going to give you everything that you would want to have in your trip, except for a pool that my kids want to have. However, outside of a pool, this cabin gives you a great location, a comfortable and private place to call your own during the stay, and the quietness of the Great Smoky Mountains. With all of that being considered and know this is an Elk Springs Resort property I would have to say this is a great cabin and definitely will give you A Touch of Class during your Gatlinburg vacation.



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