The Melting Pot Gatlinburg Reviewed


Discover The Melting Pot In Gatlinburg

This is going to be a quick review because almost every major city in America has a melting pot. So you pretty much know that it is a fondue style location that allows you to have some great fondue. However, what you may not know and I did not know until I really started building out for this website is the fact that Gatlinburg has a melting pot restaurant as well.

Hours And Location Of The Melting Pot In Gatlinburg

The location of the Melting Pot is found at:

959 Parkway #2

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Hours of operation are

Sunday 12 PM – 9 PM

Monday – Thursday 4 PM – 9 PM


Friday 4 PM – 10 PM

Saturday 12 PM – 10 PM

What We Liked At The Melting Pot

The main thing that we liked is obviously the fondue. So it is very easy to see that we like the main dish that is being served here because that is what they are well known for and they have perfected it to an art form that you cannot resist looking at. So we will have to go along and say that we really love the fondue that is being served here.

What We Do Not Like

The thing that we actually do not like is the hours. We have a 3 year old and try to diet right, which means not eating after 6 PM for the diet. So we really do not like being out late into the evening for meals because then we cannot get the 3 year old into the pool at the hotel to cool off some and burn off the excess energy that kids get from who knows where! So we wish the hours during the week were a little bit earlier in the afternoon, but that is our only complaint.

Our Final Thoughts

Well, The Melting Pot in Gatlinburg is like most of the other ones that you can find. The food is good, the atmosphere is great, but most of all is the chance to share the food. Either way we like The Melting Pot, but we prefer the local restaurants that are not part of the chain that has several restaurants just a quick jaunt away from our house.-