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Staying in a new motel is a great way to travel, but sometimes the new locations cost so much that it can easily price them out of your budget. This is really true when you are heading to a place like Gatlinburg, where everything is usually fairly affordable and can help you stay on budget. However, a hotel that is commonly overlooked is the Gillette motel and that is because they are not listed on any of the major search travel booking sites. With that being the case, you should know this is an older hotel, but it is one that is considered very quaint and in most cases will be able to provide you with the best trip possible. Either way, we like the Gillette and really like the fact that it is family owned and not ran by a corporation.

What We Liked

Ease of getting around town from the location is one of the main things that we really enjoy about this location. When we are here, because it is located close to the Parkway it is very easy for you to get anywhere in town just by walking. So this will save you quite a bit of money on the parking fees that are seen with the town.

Even with the Gillette Motel being an older location, you will enjoy the fact that it has been updated quite a bit and has quite a few of the modern amenities. This make the Gillette a great hotel that is not a major chain location and this makes it nicer for people to see that even the smaller hotels in Gatlinburg do care about them and the stay quality they have.

What We Do Not Like

Looking at this location we were hard pressed to find any problems with the location.  The problems that we could locate are fairly minor and not a major issue for a lot of people. However, the main issue that we could find was the fact the rooms have an outside entrance. This is nice at times, but for security measures we tend to prefer the indoor entrances only because they are slightly more secure.

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Location Of The Gillette Motel

The first step is knowing the address of the motel and then you can use the directions, which are listed below.

235 Historic Nature Trail


Gatlinburg, TN 37738

When you are in the middle of town, you will want to go past the aquarium on the Parkway. You will go up a couple of streets and on the left hand side of the road you will see the convention center. You will want to turn left onto Historic Nature Trail, which will take you past the Space Needle and you will go up a very short distance and the Gillette motel will be on the left hand side of the road.

Quick View Of The Gillette Motel
The Good
  • Quiet location.
  • Has a pool.
  • Provides a great place to sleep at night.
  • Wonderful views.
The Bad
  • Older location.
  • Can have some issues with cancellation policy at times.

If you do not like the Gillette Motel, please make sure you view our other Gatlinburg hotels.

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