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Room numbers at Bearskin LodgeThe Bearskin Lodge on the River is one of those hotels that you would want to sit and admire from a distance and never really think about going in. The reason you would not think about going in is because of the upscale appearance of the location. However, what you need to realize is this location is nothing to be scared of. In fact, it is a hotel that is going to welcome everyone and is such an inviting location that you will have a great time no matter what the weather does outside. This is why we are reviewing all of the hotels, because some of them just by the name alone may seem intimidating to some of the guest because of where they are trying to stay at. With that being said, make sure you read our review of the Bearkskin Lodge On The River.

Location Of The Bearskin Lodge On The River

The address of the Bearskin Lodge on the River is going to make this fairly easy to find, but it also can be a challenge as their are several ways for you to get into the hotel. Here are the directions that I have found that can help you out, but first here is the address of the hotel.

840 River Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To get to this location you will want to turn onto River road in front of the aquarium. When you do this, you will wrap around quite a few of the streets that are present in the town. However, before you reach the last street, before you go into the park you will see the Bearskin Lodge is on the right hand side of the road. It is interesting that if you are coming from the park, you can turn left onto River road as you come to the exit of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park you can turn onto River road and then the hotel will be on the left.

Quick View Of Bearskin Lodge On The River
The Good
  • Private spa tubs in each of the rooms.
  • Pool area has a lazy river for you to enjoy.
  • Garden area for peaceful relaxation.
The Bad
  • Size of the rooms is a major issue that people have complained about.
  • During the summer months it has been reported it is hard to see the river.

Exterior Features Of Bearskin Lodge On The River

  • Pools are a great feature that you will want to enjoy. When you look at the Bearskin, you will notice they have an outdoor pool that is a great feature, but you need to realize it is a seasonal pool and if you are traveling to the location in the winter it can be closed.
  • Gardens are a nice feature of any location and can easily be one of the best ways for you to relax and walk around. With this location you will notice they have a great garden area that you can enjoy.
  • Closeness to the town and some of the other restaurants that are off of the main drag are something else that you will enjoy. This means you can easily walk to the town and be able to enjoy the town, without having to pay for the parking.
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Amenities Offered By Bearskin Lodge On The River

  • The location offers a fitness facility for the guest to use and be able to enjoy when they are on the location and not have to disrupt their workout, but the mountains may give enough of a workout if you hike in them long enough.
  • Picnics do not have to be left to just the mountains and the parks, that can often be crowded. With this location they have a great picnic area that will make it easier for you to enjoy the picnic that you want to take and not have to worry about being crowded in some of the picnic areas in the park.
  • Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and you might as well start the day off right. The Bearskin offers a free breakfast, but it has been reported that this area is cramped and can often be rather small so you need to take this into consideration when you are looking at the location.

Bearskin Lodge Breakfast Area

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Room Features Of Bearskin Lodge On The River

  • Depending on the time of year that you are in Gatlinburg, you may find a fire to be very comforting. When you stay at the Bearskin Lodge, you have the chance to get this because each of the rooms has a fireplace that you can use.
  • Something that you will need, no matter the time of year is to get cleaned up. The great feature about the Bearskin is that no matter where you are staying at, you will find that each of the rooms has the standard spa style tub.
  • Refrigerators are a nice feature to have in the room and that is what is available here. The downside is, with all the research that I did when looking at Bearskin Lodge was no mention of a microwave in the room, if this is incorrect please let me know and I will change it here, but I did not see it mentioned at all.

King Size hotel room at Bearskin LodgeBearskin Lodge Gatlinburg double room

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What Others Say About The Bearskin

Ashley D has this to stay, “The room was nice and clean.”

Ritzglitz99 says this, “perfect location.”

Momofall12 talks about this, “perfect to walking for everything.”

As you can see everyone seems to love the location of this hotel and how clean it is. With that being the case, I am sure it is a very clean location and one that will make it easier for you to walk to the town or even get to enter into the mountains.

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Location (5/5)
Cost (4/5)
Amenities (3/5)
TripAdvisor Rating (4.3/5)
Our Rating (3.5/5)
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