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Review Of Riverhouse At The Park

Little Pigeon River
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Finding the perfect hotel in Gatlinburg can be as easy as looking online. However, you will find that their are a lot of hotels that are not listed on websites like Hotels.com or even on Booking. Yes, these locations have quite a few hotels, but some of the hotels do not like using the booking giants to help them pull in more visitors. That is especially true when you look at a hotel like the Riverhouse at the Park. I know that a lot of people will never think about this location because it does not have any bookings on these major websites that I could find, but it is a great hotel that will make the most of the vacation that people are taking and know they will be able to enjoy their vacation.

Location Of Riverhouse At The Park

The address of the Riverhouse is

205 Ski Mountain Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this location all you have to do is turn right onto River Road and you can go until you reach Ski Mountain Road. When you reach this road, which is the last road before the park entrance all you have to do is turn right onto Ski Mountain Road and the location will be down on the left. If you want to deal with all the downtown traffic in Gatlinburg you will need to stay on the main road and follow until until the last road before you reach the park and turn right onto Ski Mountain Road. Then you will cross over River Road and the location will be on the left.

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Exterior Features Of Riverhouse at the Park

  • You will find the location has an outdoor seasonal pool. While this may not be that big of an attraction it is one that will make it easier for you to get to the enjoyment of taking a vacation and knowing you can rest easy.
  • River views are something else that are a nice feature here. Although the name will probably give that away, this is a location that provides you with some great views of the river and will make it easier for you to have a great time while you are looking at the river and hearing the gentle waves coming down.

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Amenities Offered At Riverhouse At The Park

  • The main amenity that is present for the location is going to be the outside swimming pool. This is also mentioned in the exterior features, but it is going to be something that you will enjoy to see because it will be easy for you to relax.
  • Balconies are another feature that is not really considered an amenity, but it is worth mentioning because the view the balconies give you is going to make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your trip.

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Room Features Of Riverhouse At The Park

  • With this hotel you will find they are going to generally get the basic amenity that is present with the location for the rooms is the refrigerator. I know that this is a common feature, but here it is going to make a great feature.
  • WiFi is something else that you will enjoy because it is going to make it easier for you to get the chance to enjoy posting your vacation pictures, without using up your data plan.

What Others Say

Scoobydoolegs has this to say, “room was awesome very clean.”

Emily W says this, “friendly, family feel.”

Emily J says this, “perfect place for couples.”

As you can see quite a few people are talking about how great the location is and even when I was looking at the hotel reviews I found their was not a lot of negative talk about the location and what I did find was almost 10 years old.

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