Finding the best place to eat Chinese food in can be a difficult challenge and one that is very limited in what is available. However, at North China Chinese they serve traditional Chinese food that you are looking for. With that being the case, though, you want to know if the restaurant is a good place to eat at for Chinese food or not. With that being the case here is our review of North China Chinese Restaurant.

North China Chinese Restaurant Gatlinburg, TN

Location Of Restaurant

Knowing where the restaurant is located is half of the battle. Well that half of the battle will be solved here for you as we are going to give you the address and phone number of the place. This way you can easily locate the restaurant on your map and reach North China in time for your meal.

639 Parkway

, TN 37738


Features Of North China

  • Is Vegetarian friendly with vegan choices.
  • Serves traditional Chinese style dishes.
  • Has a variety of menu options all in Chinese style.

What Is The Best Meals To Order

One of the main things you need to realize is the restaurant tends to focus on the Chines food style and it is more of a traditional style. Now, I know this is off putting to some people, but if you are looking for Chinese food then you know what you are looking for. Since that is the case, this is my personal preference on what I feel are the best menu options for a main course.

The Sesame chicken is definitely one of those menu options to try. Granted, it is just a chicken dish, but the seasoning and spices are decent to a point. The downside is compared to what I am used to eating and what I make at my own home it is not as flavorful as what I enjoy.

Sweet and sour chicken is another main staple that I enjoy with Chinese food. However, here the food is prepared properly, but compared to what I am used to the spices are not giving me the kick that I am used to having.

Best Appetizers To Order

Egg rolls are definitely a top appetizer type of dish that I get when I eat Chinese. The egg rolls here, depending on who is cooking can vary in how they are coming out. Overall, the egg rolls here are good and do have plenty of flavor that you are going to enjoy, because I know that I do!

Wonton soup is another item off of the menu that is enjoyable. Granted, the soup could do with a little bit more in the way of flavor compared to what I usually get, even from my own preparation, it is still good and provides a nice comfort for me to eat.

Now, if you are really looking for a good appetizers and are looking for a combination then the combination appetizer can work great. This is a little bit of all the appetizers on a single dish. The downside is it is a little bit on the pricey side and you are limited on what you are getting in the way of portion size on the plate.

Belle Aire Motel

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Is A Kids Menu Available

Now, I have to admit I do not recall seeing any specific kids menu. Does that mean that North China Chinese Restaurant does not have a kids menu? No. It may mean that you have to ask or you have to be looking specifically for a kids menu.

The good news is the food is Chinese and with that usually means a lot of chicken dishes. I know for me, my kids love Chicken Nuggets so I try to find something on the menu that closely resembles what they would be eating from a place like McDonald’s or Burger King. Then I order them that off the menu, usually a good find is General Tsao’s chicken which is one that my kids seem to enjoy.

For a side dish, I would recommend getting them either a bowl of rice or egg rolls. I know that this is something my kids enjoy eating and it seems to be a common theme. Something else is find out what kind of egg rolls they have before ordering them to make sure it is a meat your kids will eat.

What Is The Atmosphere Like

Typical of most Chinese or Asian style restaurants the atmosphere can play a big factor in the meal enjoyment. Well, I am happy to say that from the that we have seen online and have looked at before this is a great place to visit.

Granted, this is a restaurant so it can be busy at times. This is very true in Gatlinburg which has become a very popular and crowded tourist destination at times. So when the crowds are coming in the place can seem a little bit stressed out and overall the pressure can start to show in the staff.

Contrary to some places, though, when the North China Chinese restaurant is not busy they do not have any major let down in how attentive the staff is towards the customers. So this and just the generalized feel of the location definitely makes this a place that I really do enjoy sitting down and enjoying a meal.

What Is A Main Drawback To North China Chinese Restaurant

A common complaint about the North China Chinese restaurant in Gatlinburg is the lack of seasoning on some of the food dishes. I know when I make Chinese food at home I have to avoid a lot of soy sauce due to the salt. However, by lack of flavor it has been reported by quite a few people that the food is bland in some cases.

Now, this does not mean that all of the dishes are without flavor or spices, but some of the dishes do have this issue. Still, one key thing that you should have, since Chinese food is known for the various spices is some type of spice included in the food or on the side so you can add it to the dishes.

Another issue that some people have reported is the lack of salt and pepper at the tables. This could have been from COVID restrictions at the time, but it is a drawback that I have seen reported from several people as well.

Sidney James Motor Lodge

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Pros And Cons

  • Has a good atmosphere.
  • Is one of the few Chinese exclusive restaurants in Gatlinburg.
  • The menu has plenty of options to select from.
  • A vegetarian option is available.
  • The atmosphere is nicer and less stressful than some of the other restaurants in Gatlinburg.
  • Some of the dishes are lacking in flavor.
  • The restaurant can ended up being crowded during peak hours.

Who Would Like Restaurant

The first group that would really like the restaurant would be someone who is looking for a Chinese restaurant. With the limited options of Chinese food in Gatlinburg this is a great option for a lot of people and one that people will enjoy.

The other group that I feel would like the restaurant is people who like to have a wide variety of options when it comes to food choices. Granted, this is mainly Chinese food, but the menu does have a lot of options that make it easier for almost everyone to find a dish they are going to enjoy.

Who Would Dislike The Restaurant

The first group that I think would not really like the restaurant are the ones who want very flavorful and spicy food. This restaurant is one that has not really been doing that good in the flavor from multiple reports on people online.

Something else that may end up making people not want to eat here is how the restaurant does not offer extra spices on the side. For some people the lack of flavor would not be a turn off, but the information online that the restaurant does not offer seasoning or spices on the side for dishes is another issue that a lot of people can take exception with.

What Others Are Saying

While I do try to provide you quite a bit of information about the restaurant you may want to know more about it from other people. With that being the case, here is some great information that is from other people who have eaten at the location.

One of the four star on TripAdvisor by JackbauerTX has this to say about the restaurant. ”Taste – reminds me of typical Chinese.” While the review was for a 4 stars it is not really bringing anything to mind that is going to actually blow your mind. I would imagine this reviewer would compare it to the typical Chinese place in his or her hometown.

Another review from TripAdvisor by KimberlyLX has this to say, ”their dish is half of the normal size.” This is a common issue that I have read in several about the restaurant. So I would imagine if you are really hungry, then this may not be the best option for you to get a complete meal from.

Sidney James Motor Lodge

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Sidney James Mountain Lodge is located not far from downtown Gatlinburg and has plenty of features. The features includes several pools to choose from, pet friendly room, free WiFi, and a restaurant to just name a few of the amenities on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does North China Chinese Restaurant Offer Takeout?


My Final Thoughts On North China Chinese Restaurant

I have to admit that if you are looking for Chinese food in Gatlinburg this is a place to go. However, in my opinion if I am looking for a flavor filled and very spicy Chinese food I tend to opt to go to other restaurants. So my final conclusion is if you are looking for Chinese food and do not want to drive to Pigeon Forge, then you cannot really go wrong here. However, if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant without leaving Gatlinburg, ten you cannot go wrong at North China Chinese restaurant.

Park Vista By Double

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