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My Gatlinburg Wedding – Marriage Chapel

Great Smoky Mountains Wedding ChapelMarriage is one of those things that you are going to want to take as a serious matter, but not everyone is going to want to pay for an expensive church wedding nor are they going to want to go to the extent of finding a wedding location near them. That is why so many people decide to elope from their home and get married in a location that is completely different than where they live. This is when you should know about some of the Great Smoky Mountains wedding chapels to guarantee you are able to select the best place to get married in. We have been talking about these locations for quite a while here lately and this time we are going to talk about a chapel that is not really inside of Gatlinburg, but it is a location that is close enough by they included the Gatlinburg name in the name of the chapel and that is none other than My Gatlinburg Wedding. We have decided it was time for us to finally do a review of this location so you know if this is a place that is going to work for your needs or not.

Location Of My Gatlinburg Wedding

Well, I have to say this is a place that will be a little bit of a challenge to put down the location of. That is because they offer three different venues for you to use for getting married in. Since this is the case, we are going to put down in our list of what they offer the venues and the description. If we can find the address for the venues we are going to put down the map and address of those as well. This way you can look it up on Google maps and even street view if possible. With that being the case, the location has a listed address of what we have listed below.

521 Red Bud Ln

Sevierville, TN 37876


As I said, I am hoping that I am going to try to get the venue’s location listed as well on a map. If I cannot you can use the phone number that is above to contact this Great Smoky Mountains wedding chapel directly. Just remember that this is the information that we could find on the Internet about these locations and the addresses that are listed.

Venue Locations That Are Available

Well, like we have seen with so many of the wedding chapels we have talked about with Gatlinburg they all seem to have a lot of different venues available to get married in. With this being the case, we have found this is one of those locations as well. However, unlike some of the other places that seem to have the locations close to the property or on the property you will find a great thing as well because this does let you find the place that will be best suited for your family. With that being the case it is time for us to cover each of the venues they have and what features they offer.

The Preachers House 

  • The venue offers some amazing views of the mountains. These views are the ones that you will simply fall in love with and be proud to show off to all of your friends because of how well they look and the great feeling they have for the location as well.
  • When you are at this location you will notice they have three different packages. These packages can vary from the simple couple getting married, but it can also be something as nice as having the entire family and party at the location to get married in and have the reception.
  • This is an outdoor venue and it is a location you will enjoy for that purpose, as long as it is not raining. When you are looking at this venue, you will notice that no matter which one of the three packages you book you will get the mountain view.
  • If rain does decide to spoil your day, you will notice they do have you covered in this scenario as well. They offer a covered porch pavilion you will be able to use, but also a small chapel. If you have a larger wedding party, then you will like the fact that you can use the venue that would have housed the reception.

Abiding Grace Chapel

  • A smaller chapel that will be great for the intimate feel you want to have. This is going to make it easier for you to have a cozy chapel wedding, which can give you the feel that you got married in the church, even if it is just in a small little chapel you are going to get married in.
  • Just like the Preachers House option, you will find this chapel has 3 different options for you to pick from as well. These options are going to vary quite a bit, but the cheapest package comes in at just a little bit over a hundred dollars as of the time of this publishing and that can change, but it is the ceremony for the couple.
  • What else is great about this beautiful chapel is it is literally built right over a creek. So what better way to get married than having a simple creek running where you can hear the water going by and know it is going to really help you relax quite a bit in the wedding you are planning.

Flower Mountain

  • This is a very private location you will be able to get in touch with as it is on the companies 25 acres beautiful location. The location itself is simply stunning, but when you factor in the quietness you can experience here and the location that is going to help you out in enjoying yourself, it will be easy to see why this is a great place to go and get married.
  • The location can be seen as a great way to have the escape to nature feel that you will want to have. This is going to allow you to have a great wedding that you want to enjoy and know that it is going to really help you out in getting the marriage started off on the right foot without having to worry about being around any of the cramped confines you were expecting in a church.
  • With the Flower Mountain venue, you will find they do have a third option that is out of this world and that is the fact they offer the full reception services. This will make it easier for you to have everything planned out and taken care of for you. So this definitely will make it easier for you to have everything taken care of for your wedding without having to worry about anything.

What Do Others Say 

When I was looked at all the reviews of this location I did notice that it has managed to get some great reviews that we found. We wanted to make sure you know about these locations as well to guarantee you have knowledge on what you are going to do.

One of the reviewers that we found online said this, “overall this is a wonderful place”.

Another review would mention this, “It was amazing”.

My Final Thoughts

When you are looking for a Great Smoky Mountains wedding chapel you will notice that it is going to be difficult to bypass this wedding chapel and service. You will just want to make sure you know about the packages that are being offered at My Gatlinburg Wedding here and what this place offers for you to have as a wedding.



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