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The Log Cabin Pancake House In Gatlinburg Reviewed

Trying to find the ideal breakfast restaurant in Gatlinburg often will leave you running around town. However, if you have a sample of them all it can leave you undecided on which one is the best. The downside is we know how important breakfast is when you are getting ready to go out in the mountains for the day. So we have decided to review each of the breakfast restaurants that we could find in Gatlinburg. With that being said, here is out review of the Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatlinburg.

Location And Hours Of The Log Cabin Pancake House In Gatlinburg

The Log Cabin Pancake House is actually one of those locations that is not on the Parkway. You have to go up Historic Nature Trial to reach it. The address is as follows:

327 Historic Nature Trail

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of the Log Cabin Pancake House are as follows:

Compared to a lot of the breakfast restaurants this place has longer hours into the afternoon as they are open 7 days a week from 7 AM until 2 PM.

What Is Our Favorite Menu Item

Now this is one of those restaurants that we once again as a family tend to come together and order almost the same exact thing. That is because they have some of the best chocolate chip pancakes we have ever eaten before. Now this does not mean that we do not get good pancakes from other locations, but it does put a little bit of a difficult thing for us to have a great meal that rivals this one. The one thing that we disagree on is the sides because some of us like bacon for the side the rest enjoy sausage. However, that is great because if we cannot finish all the food we can share our meals then!

What We Did Not Like? 

The one menu item that my husband did not like and that is because he does not really like coconut was the Caribbean pancakes. What else he did not like about the idea of these was the fact they would have nuts on them. Now he does not mind like peanuts, cashews, and the like when it comes to nuts, but he is not really thrilled about having a lot of nuts to eat on a lot of different items that he will be eating.

Our Final Thoughts On The Log Cabin Pancake House Gatlinburg

This is another breakfast restaurant in a town that has a lot of restaurants that specialize in breakfast. With that being the case, it has to really step up to the plate to take the cake. Well, thankfully the Log Cabin Pancake House does have a set of chocolate chip pancakes that my family loves. Overall, this is a great restaurant that you can enjoy a nice breakfast at and what is really nice is the restaurant is fairly large so you do not have as long of a wait as what you would expect at some of the other restaurants in town.


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