Historic Gatlinburg Inn Haunted – Rumors Or True?




Historic Gatlinburg Inn Haunted


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Historic Gatlinburg Inn Haunted

Historic Gatlinburg Inn HauntedWhile a lot of people have heard about the Historic Gatlinburg Inn and its long history, other people have heard about the Gatlinburg Inn and the hauntings that happen here. While I definitely do not lead a paranormal blog we have saw quite a bit of people talking about this and have figured out that it was time for us to go out and start to check out the rumors and write up an article about the location and the haunting. Hopefully, you will find this article to be lighthearted and fun as I know when I was researching the article it definitely was quite a bit of fun and really nice to write-up. So I do hope you enjoy and even if you do not believe in the paranormal, you do have to remember you will have strange sounds at night when you are in a hotel. It is not your home that you are staying in and other people are around as well, which only contributes to some of the reasons why so many people will claim that a property is haunted.


Background Of Gatlinburg Inn

The Gatlinburg is a location that has been around for 80 years in Gatlinburg and is one of the longest operating hotels in Gatlinburg. As you can imagine the location has seen quite a bit of change over the years and that is going to make it a great location to have a lot of haunted type of rumors abounding about the property. However, what else has added to a lot of the rumors about the haunting is the fact that so many stars and famous people have stayed here throughout the years.

One of the most famous songs you can hear about Tennessee was actually written in The Gatlinburg Inn. That would take place in 1967 when the Bryants would write Rocky Top. Yes, the same song that you hear at the Volunteers football games was written here. So you will have a chance to recall this famous song when you are here and you can even walk by the same place the song was written in. Now, you can imagine Gatlinburg was definitely a lot different at the time, but it definitely has had some changes that have really made it into the city that so many of us love today.

Rumor Or Not? 

We scoured the Internet looking for reports on the Gatlinburg Inn and being haunted. We were unable to find anything concrete on if the Gatlinburg Inn is haunted or not. However, one key fact that we did find is the original owner passed away in 2011. She had been the owner of the place since it had opened and had kept everything almost the exact same ever since. So you can tell that if you have watched any of the ghost shows that are on the television that people who have been around a location or have so much love for a place they tend to have a residual haunt for the place. That could be happening here, but the reports are very limited about what has happened here in regards to haunting.

Something else to consider is a lot of stars came through the location. In fact, according to the Gatlinburg Inn’s own website, Lady Bird Johnson and Liberace came to the location quite a bit. So you can just imagine the type of love they had for the place and while they may not be in the location they could still come around. You just have to remember the reported haunted Gatlinburg Inn has seen a lot of people and the chances of some type of residual haunting could be possible because you have so many people who have had a passionate energy for the place.

Should I Be Scared

I know so many people who are scared of the things that go bump in the night. That is why I decided to address this here. The simple answer is no! You are here on vacation and want to have a great time. So you do not really have to be scared of the location at all. Remember if you are hearing things or feeling gust of wind you are in a hotel! This happens a lot of times even in brand new locations because the walls are thin and people are constantly opening and closing their doors. So, in short, you do not need to be scared! Remember if you do have a ghost in your room they are just revisiting the same location they loved just as much as you love it.

What Do I Think About The Rumors

I have to say, I think the Historic Gatlinburg Inn may be haunted. Hoever, at the same time I would have to ay that this is a location that is happy and cheerful so if it is haunted it is not going to be anything that is going to harm you. So I have to say the Gatlinburg Inn, haunted or not, is going to allow you to have a great trip. However, anytime you get a chance to travel to Gatlinburg you are sure to have a great trip and I know this is definitely going to make it easier for you to plan your trip.


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