Review Of Hampton Inn Gatlinburg

Hampton Inn is one of those names that most people will recognize almost immediately because of the brand. However, what you may not realize is they have a location in Gatlinburg as well and it is a very highly rated hotel as well. With this being the case, we have decided that we are going to launch our review of the Hampton Inn Gatlinburg as well, which is going to help you determine if this is the location that you will want to stay in or if you need to continue to look at other hotels that are in Gatlinburg to ensure you have a great . Without this, you are going to have some problems in seeing if this is the best hotel that you want to stay in or if you should continue to look at and eventually book. So make sure you have a great look at all the hotels in Gatlinburg to ensure that you are booking the right one.

Location Of Hampton Inn Gatlinburg

967 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this hotel, you will want to stay on the main parkway when you are coming into town and go past the aquarium. After you have passed this big intersection in the middle of town you will see Historic Motor Nature Trail shooting off on the left, but you will want to go past this and you will start to see the signs for the Hampton Inn on the right hand side of the road.

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Exterior Features

  • Balconies are a great feature when you are staying in a beautiful area like Gatlinburg and that is what you are going to get when you are staying here. When you see these balconies, you will notice they do provide you with a decent view.
  • Mountain creek for some reason are always relaxing and a great way to enjoy your . With that being said, the Hampton Inn is located very close to one of the creeks that runs its way through Gatlinburg and has some balconies and sitting areas around that will make it easier for you to sit and enjoy the creek.
  • While the location does have a pool, it is located outside and that makes it a seasonal pool that is going to make it very hard for you to use if you are in town in the middle of winter.

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Offered By Hampton Inn Gatlinburg

  • Often when you are in Gatlinburg you will want to go out to breakfast, but some mornings you may not want to get up that early. The Hampton Inn understands that and it is going to offer you a free breakfast to enjoy and they do have a decent sized sitting area for you to enjoy as well while eating.
  • Sitting and just looking out the windows can be a great thing to do, but it is not always nice to do if you are stuck in your room. What is nice here, is the fact this location will make that easy as they have a nice sitting area that you can use to enjoy the views and even relax.
  • Sometimes when you travel you will start to skip some of your workouts and that does not help you in battling the weight battle. So you will enjoy the fact that this location has a nice sized fitness area for you to use.

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Room Features Of Hampton Inn Gatlinburg

  • The room features have been reported as being limited, but that has also been seen because of the room size that are available here. So you will need to realize one of the main features is going to be the free WiFi that everyone likes to have while they are on so they can share their pictures.
  • Depending on the type of room that you are booking you may find their is a seasonal fireplace that you can use and that is going to allow you to enjoy the mountains even more than what you imagined.

What Others Are Saying

Mbudler has this to say, “close to everything.”

John W would say this, “really cool place.”

stevewilhite mentions this, “excellent location.”

As you can see most of the people love this location and how close it is to everything that they want to do.


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