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Gatlinburg SkyBridge A Great Attraction

The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is just one of the many attractions located in Gatlinburg. However, what a lot of people need to realize is the Gatlinburg SkyBidge is a fairly new attraction and one that has become a popular destintion for a lot of people. So, what is the SkyBridge and what makes it a popular desination for travelers to Gatlinburg? Another question that I have seen circling around the Internet lately and seen filling up my Instagram feed is just how popular the SkyBridge is for proprosals. Since we have seen so many posts and other interesting bits, we decided it was time to provide out insight into the Gatlinburg SkyBridge. Please note the Instagram link is to the SkyLift page.


Does The Gatlinburg SkyBridge Move

While it does not state anywhere directly that it moves, it is a bridge. Every bridge I have ever been on, even the Interstates, has a little bit of bounce to keep up with the constant flow of traffic or in this case foot traffic.

What Is The Gatlinburg SkyBridge Weight Limit

No weight limit is stated that we could find. However, as a side note WATE, local news channel did a story on the SkyBridge and it holds over 200,000 pounds.

Does Gatlinburg SkyBridge Have An Age Limit

While you have to use the Skylift to get to the park it does not have an age limit. It is recommended that you use proper child safety equipment and please note that strollers are not allowed.

Is A Military Discount Available For Gatlinburg SkyBridge

Yes, it has been reported that the park does offer a military discount.

How Much Does Gatlinburg SkyBridge Cost

The cost for the Gatlinburg SkyBridge is included in the Sky Lift price. For adults, 12-64, the price is 19.95. Seniors, over 65, cost 17.95. Children, 4-11, cost 14.95 and children under 3 are free.

Can You Drive To Gatlinburg SkyBridge

No, Gatlinburg SkyBridge is only accessible by the Yellow Sky Lift. So you will have to use the Gatlinburg Sky Lift to access the Gatlinburg SkyBridge.

Overview Of Gatlinburg SkyBridge

A common thing for a lot of people to overlook is the fact that the Gatlinburg SkyBridge is fairly new. The SkyBridge itself recently opened in May of 2019. While the opening was right before the summer travel season, it definitely became a very popular destination for people to see. When you are heading to the location here, you need to realize the price of admission to the park is fairly high, but you do get quite a bit to do.

Now, what is very interesting with the Gatlinburg SkyBridge is the fact that at the time of this publishing it is the longest SkyBridge meant for pedestrians only. The span is actually a total of 680 feet long. What else is interesting is at the highest point of the Gatlinburg SkyBridge is the fact that the company decided it would be the perfect spot to have the glass floor panels. These panels definitely provide a unique perspective and the location gives you a great view of the region as well.

Features Of Gatlinburg SkyBridge

While you already have an overview of the Gatlinburg SkyBridge from above you may want to know more about the features of the attraction in Gatlinburg to know if the SkyBridge is the location you want to visit or if you should consider a different attraction to checkout.

  • The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is located at the top of the Skylift. So you get the bonus of riding the Skylift and enjoying the area at the top of the Skylift.
  • The SkyBridge provides some amazing views that you can enjoy. Not to mention when you are at the peak points of the SkyBridge you have the glass floor which makes it quite a bit easier for you to look down in amazement and if you are scared of heights in fear.
  • Provides a very romantic place for couples, proposals, and a great place to enjoy just by yourself to enjoy seeing the mountain if you are traveling alone and are a hopeless romantic.
  • In most cases, you are not restricted by age limitations. Like most of the Gatlinburg attractions, it makes it easier for you to enjoy everything as a family.

Who Will Enjoy The Gatlinburg SkyBridge

I have to say this right away, the SkyBridge is not for everyone. Yes, I know that I mentioned the location is family-friendly and that is very true. However, not everyone is going to enjoy the location. So who is going to enjoy the location?

Typically it will be people that want to have a new adventure or enjoy their trip with a unique experience. Now, this does not mean that you have to be only looking for adventure or experience as it is enjoyable for almost everyone. It is just very helpful if you are looking for one of those items.

Families who are looking to do something unique with their children also have a good time when visiting Gatlinburg and create memories. Yes, it may seem dangerous to bring younger children onto the SkyBridge, but it is not the case. Multiple safety measures are in place to keep the kids safe. What else is interesting is this tends to keep the memories in place for the kids for years to come.

Now, one group of people who have started to fall in love with the SkyBridge are the romantics who are looking to propose to their significant other. Yes, Gatlinburg with all the beautiful mountains and the National Park is already a great place for a proposal, but the SkyBridge has become one of the newest places that has gained a lot of popularity for marriage proposals.

Who Would Not Like Gatlinburg SkyBridge

The people who would not really like the Gatlinburg SkyBridge would be the people that are scared of heights. While the location is completely safe and not scary, if you are afraid of heights the sheer height of the location is enough to keep you from going to the SkyBridge.

My Final Thoughts On Gatlinburg SkyBridge

The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is still fairly new so I am kind of out on this one. Overall, I think it looks like a lot of fun. However, at the same time I think after going over the SkyBridge a few times the uniqueness of the location would quickly wear off. At the same time, though, taking the Gatlinburg SkyBridge at different seasons or time of the day would keep the location unique and interesting.


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