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Gatlinburg hotels for kidsGatlinburg is a beautiful location for a family vacation. When traveling with kids, though, parents want to find the best hotel for kids. At Travel To Gatlinburg we know this can be a challenge to do and we decided to help parents out by narrowing down the five best Gatlinburg hotels for kids. Enjoy our list and make sure if you want an in depth review of the location to click on the name of the hotel.

Ranking The Five Best Gatlinburg Hotels For Kids 

5. Zoders Inn & Suites – This Gatlinburg hotel easily makes our list in the number five spot. The location has some great rooms right by the creek with balconies over the creek, but also offers breakfast as well. Throw in the fire pit that you can use and it presents a great atmosphere for the entire family. Zoders Inn & Suites does have a nice pool that your kids will enjoy as well while you are on vacation in Gatlinburg.  Book Zoders Inn & Suites HERE.

4. Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa – Traveling as a family is great and when the location you decide to stay at has a water park it is even better. That is exactly what you get at the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa. The Westgate has quite a bit going for it, but with the hotels that are popular and has a water park it is easy for the noise to get rather loud and that does happen at this Gatlinburg hotel. Book Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort HERE.

3. Jack Huff’s – Jack Huff’s is a location that is older, but it is seen as the highest ranked hotels in Gatlinburg overall. During the summer months the seasonal pool has plenty for the kids to do. However, if you are here in winter Jack Huff’s is still a great Gatlinburg kids hotel because it is close to everything and easy for you to walk into town.

2. Park Vista – The Park Vista by Doubletree is a Hilton property that has been completely updated. This Gatlinburg hotel has even become very kid friendly location. During the remodel the Park Vista added in kid specific rooms, a game room that is meant for kids, but also has a water park that is indoors for people to enjoy. Book The Park Vista HERE.

1. The Lodge At Buckberry Creek – The Lodge at Buckberry Creek takes our top rating as the best Gatlinburg hotel for kids. The Lodge has plenty of walking trails covering the 26 acres that it is situated on. If the trails are not possible the hotel has a game room. The game room has plenty of games for kids to play when they are not in the mountains. Book The Lodge At Buckberry Creek HERE.


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