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Fanny Farkel subs with @jbinthehills in Gatlinburg TN #gatlinburg *follow 🙏


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Fanny Farkel is a popular restaurant in Gatlinburg, TN that has been serving delicious food for many years. Recently, @jbinthehills, a food influencer, visited the restaurant and shared his experience on social media. In this article, we will explore Fanny Farkel’s and @jbinthehills’ collaboration and discover what makes Fanny Farkel’s stand out in Gatlinburg.

Quality of Food

One of the reasons that Fanny Farkel’s is so popular in Gatlinburg is because of the quality of the food. They offer a variety of menu items, including hot dogs, nachos, sausages, and more. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and is made to order. Additionally, Fanny Farkel’s is known for their unique toppings, such as their famous “hot dog sauce,” which adds an extra layer of flavor to their hot dogs.

Commitment to Meeting Deadlines

Another aspect of Fanny Farkel’s that stands out is their commitment to meeting deadlines. They understand the importance of serving food quickly and efficiently, especially during peak hours. The staff ensures that each order is prepared in a timely manner so that customers can enjoy their meal without having to wait too long.

Fanny Farkel Subs In Gatlinburg TN

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Collaborating with Influencers

Many businesses nowadays collaborate with influencers to promote their brand on social media. @jbinthehills is a food influencer who visited Fanny Farkel’s and shared his experience with his followers. His review was positive, and he raved about the quality of the food and the unique atmosphere of the restaurant. This collaboration helped Fanny Farkel’s reach a wider audience and gain more exposure on social media.

Atmosphere and Experience

One of the main draws of Fanny Farkel’s is the unique atmosphere and experience that it offers. The restaurant is decorated with eclectic items, including vintage signs, license plates, and quirky artwork. This gives the restaurant a fun and casual vibe that customers love. Fanny Farkel’s also features live music, adding to the overall experience.


  1. What type of food does Fanny Farkel’s serve?
    Fanny Farkel’s serves a variety of menu items, including hot dogs, sausages, nachos, and more.

  2. What makes Fanny Farkel’s stand out in Gatlinburg?
    Fanny Farkel’s stands out in Gatlinburg because of the quality of their food, their commitment to meeting deadlines, and their unique atmosphere and experience.

  3. Does Fanny Farkel’s offer vegetarian options?
    Yes, Fanny Farkel offers vegetarian options, including a vegetarian hot dog and vegetarian nachos.

  4. Can I make a reservation at Fanny Farkel’s?
    No, Fanny Farkel’s does not take reservations. Customers are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

  5. Does Fanny Farkel’s offer delivery or takeout?
    Yes, Fanny Farkel’s offers both delivery and takeout options for customers who prefer to enjoy their food at home.


Fanny Farkel’s is a unique and vibrant restaurant in Gatlinburg that offers delicious food and a memorable experience. Their commitment to quality, meeting deadlines, and collaborating with influencers has helped them gain attention on social media and attract a wide range of customers. If you’re ever in Gatlinburg, be sure to stop by Fanny Farkel’s for a tasty meal and a fun atmosphere.


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