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Cherokee Charm Gatlinburg Cabin


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Cherokee Charm – Gatlinburg Cabin

Cherokee Charm Gatlinburg CabinFinding a rental cabin in Gatlinburg is easier than what you would imagine, but you will find that with all the different cabins in Gatlinburg it can be difficult to find the right one, which is why I have decided to review Cherokee Charm. This is another cabin that you will find that is located in the beautiful Elk Springs Resort area and that is going to be a great thing for you to consider. However, what you will find is this is a cabin that is going to have quite a few feature that is going to go for it. The other aspects that you will find is the cabin is one that is close to Gatlinburg, but iti s far enough away from the city proper that you can enjoy the quietness that comes with the mountains. This often means you will ahve a chance to relax and get to a better state of mind. With that being said, let us start to go over this cabin in Gatlinburg.

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Location Of Cherokee Charm

Well, it would not doo you any good to know about the cabin and see that it is one of the most amazing places that you can stay. Since that is the case, like we usually do we are going to provide you with the address and the map of the location. This way you can find your way to the cabin and know if you will be able to make the trip to the location and even plan out where you are going to go from the cabin.

2119 Elk View Way

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

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What Does The Cabin Offer

  • This is a cabin that has several different rooms for you to sleep in and even in the living room you will find that it has several options for sleeping from just getting on the couch and sleeping to have the pull out sofa bed out and getting a chance to go to sleep in the sofa bed. So this will make it easier for you to have a great night and enjoy your sleep.
  • The upstairs level that has the pool table will allow you to have the view of Mount LeConte in the background. So this will just give you a little taste of the types of views that you will have available to you to enjoy when you are in this cabin, not to mention the balcony has even better views that you can enjoy while itting in the hot tub.
  • When you stay in the kitchen you will want to realize that it is fully equipped and it is going to be a great kitchen that will allow you to prepare the foods you are used to eating and save quite a bit of money on eating out all the time. What else is great about the kitchen is the fact that you do have access to the grill that is on the balcony by the hot tub.
  • If you are stuck indoors you will like the fact this is a cabin that does have a home theater installed inside of it. This theater is going to have a nine foot television, think Super Bowl if you are in Gatlinburg at the time, and will have the theater style seating you will enjoy.
  • Now, one option that I did find that is very different is a sauna. This can really help you out with your aches and pains after walking in the mountains all day long and it will definitely make it easier fro you to be prepared to get back into the mountains each time you are going out as the sauna will definitely help relax the muscles quite a bit.

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What Do I Like About This Cabin

Equipped Kitchen

Well, I have to admit I love cooking and even when I am on vacation I do not mind cooking. Yes, Gatlinburg has some great restaurants to go and eat at, but I have to admit I still prefer my own cooking. Not only that when I am traveling with a husband and three kids eating out gets very expesive and this is very true if you are in Gatlinburg for more than a single night. So this is something that you need to consider because it will save you money when you are in Gatlinburg and be able to spend some more time in the town.

Sauna And Hot Tub

While I know that most of the cabins in Gatlinburg will have a hot tub, this is one of the only cabins that we have seen so far that has been able to have a sauna as well. This is a great feature and definitely one that you will like if you are like me because you now have options on where to go so you can start to get your muscles relaxed and ready for the next day.

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Theater Area

While Gatlinburg is a beautiful area you may find at times that you are stuck indoors because of rain or other weather issues. When this happens you will find that you will want to do something that is different than what you would be doing at home. That is why I love the theater area, it is large and the viewing area is one of the best areas you can find. What else is great is the area has plenty of seating for you to enjoy with your family or friends that are in the cabin with you.

What I Dislike About The Cabin

Have To Deal With Traffic Driving To Town

This is one aspect that I did not really care for and that is the fact that you have to drive into town and if you are not familiar with town you need to realize this can be a major pain because you have so much traffic to deal with in most cases. So I definitely like this because it is going to make it harder for you to relax. The good news is the fact that if you learn some of the backroads, remember to study the maps carefully, you will be able to get around town quickly and easily, but it means you have to read the maps and for me that is not something I like to do while on vacation.

My Final Thoughts On Cherokee Charm

This is a cabin that has quite a bit going for it and it is definitely a cabin that you will like because it is laid back and has plenty for you to do to make the vacation to Gatlinburg enjoyable. However, what you will really like is the fact that the resort property itself offers plenty for you to see and do. With that being the case, you will want to make sure you consider this cabin because it is definitely a cabin that you will like because it is in a great location and it is a cabin that will provide you with the comforts you want to have, but the sauna combined with the hot tub are a major selling point for me. Overall, I have to say Cherokee Charm outisde of the cabin rental price is definitely a great place to check out when you travel to Gatlinburg.


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