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Discover Calhoun’s Restaurant In Gatlinburg 

Calhouns RestaurantA place that you may want to put on your bucket list to try when you are in Gatlinburg is Calhoun’s Restaurant. The restaurant is a nice place to go and is frequented by quite a few travelers, but it is frequented so much because it is a place that has some great food that is going to taste great and be in quantities that you will know is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the food. However, we are going to share what we liked about the Calhoun’s and did not like to help you make a decision on if this is the place that you should go out to eat at or if you need to consider a different location to eat dinner or even lunch at.  Here is our full review of Calhoun’s which is a beautiful place and if you want to drive to the location even has parking tucked in behind the restaurant and that can make it a lot easier for you to park your vehicle and avoid walking the crowded streets, but also makes it easier for you to stop on your way back from the mountains.

Hours And Address For Calhoun’s

The address for Calhoun’s is as follows:

1004 Parkway #101

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours for Calhoun’s are listed below.

Sunday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Friday and Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM

What We Like At Calhoun’s

When we are eating out at Calhoun’s the main dish that we really love is going to be a steak. More specific we love the “ale” steak. Now we do not like the smaller 7 ounce version of the steak, instead we go for the 10 ounce steak that tends to provide us with more meat and more energy for hiking in the mountains the next day. With the steak, since it is considered a meal you end up getting an order of the spectacular homemade mashed potatoes and another side. Our favorite side with this meal is actually the broccoli which allows for a well rounded meal that we can all enjoy sitting down and eating.

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What We Did Not Like At Calhoun’s

The main thing that we did not like is attributed to the popularity of the restaurant and that is if you arrive at the restaurant when you would normally eat dinner between five and seven in the evening, you may have to wait. Now this is a testament to the popularity of the restaurant, but also the quality of the food. So you may want to hit up the restaurant for an early dinner or plan on going a little bit later in the evening or you could end up having to wait for the table because of the popularity of the restaurant.

Does Calhoun’s Restaurant In Gatlinburg Have Kids Or Gluten Free Menus?

This is a good question and one that is going to be fairly easy to answer. Just like most of the major restaurants they realize that kids do not usually want to eat a meal that is going to fill their parents. So yes, the restaurant has a kids menu that is going to make it easier for people to find the food their kids are going to want to eat. Usually the kids menu is going to have more of the food that kids eat as well, so the food will not be wasted like it would be if the parents had to get the kids an adult meal.

As far as a gluten free menu, the restaurant recognizes the dietary restrictions of people. With that being the case, they are sensitive to these needs and have a gluten free menu. So this will make it easier for people who are restricted in the foods they can eat.

Our Final Thoughts On Calhoun’s In Gatlinburg

Our final thoughts are going to duplicate our original thoughts and that is you need to put this restaurant on your bucket list. If you are from the Knoxville area, then you do not because you can find several locations. However, if you are from out of town then you need to make sure you stop here because it is going to be a great place for you to eat some great food. The only downside is this is a restaurant that is very popular and since it is so popular it is going to cause you some wait time. So make sure you plan on the wait or arrive early for dinner. Either way you will not be disappointed in the restaurant.

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