5 Best Restaurants To Get A Steak In Gatlinburg




5 best restaurants in Gatlinburg to get a steak


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5 Best Restaurants To Get A Steak In Gatlinburg

5 best restaurants in Gatlinburg to get a steakWhen you take your Gatlinburg vacation, you will typically want to take a break from cooking as well. I know with all the restaurants in Gatlinburg it would be very easy for you to feel great about the chance of not cooking as well. However, now you have to find the best place to go if you are looking for a great meal and when it is a steak dinner you will want to make sure you find the best place to go for a steak. We know that this can be a challenge because it never fails that every restaurant you go to will claim to be the best for this or that in regards to food. So with that being said, we are going to showcase what we feel are the 5 best restaurants to get a steak in Gatlinburg, which should remove a lot of the stress you were having before in picking out the restaurant you wanted to eat at. What is even better is if you are going to eat at one of these restaurants and you are going to eat with people who do not like steak, I know it is tragic, but it does happen the restaurants tend to have other dishes that are extremely high quality.


5. Crystelle Creek Restaurant

With one of the most stunning views in Gatlinburg, you will not be disappointed at Crystelle Creek Restaurant. This is a restaurant that has a rustic type of setting that you are going to enjoy, but what else is nice is the creek view that you have when you are here. However, you can have all the views you would want to have when you are eating a meal, but if the food is not good then you will be disappointed. Thankfully, this is not what you will get at Crystelle Creek.

Now, one thing that I love about this steakhouse is the fact they are going to cook the steaks on an oak-fired grill. I am not sure if you have ever had a wood-fired grill before, but you will find that you are going to be able to get a great steak that is expertly prepared and going to taste amazing. I know this meal will sound expensive as it comes in at over twenty-eight bucks for the steak, you will want to try out the Porterhouse which is cooked to perfection each time, but the meal does come with a couple of sides you can enjoy.

4. Calhoun’s

Calhoun’s is a great place to check out if you are looking for a local chain type of restaurant. The place is located towards the end of town, but not far enough down that you cannot walk to the restaurant. However, it is far enough away that you will most likely walk off some of the calories you had just eaten at the restaurant. The best part is the service that you will get here is rather fun because it is going to have a lot of wait staff that is going to help you out, but since most of the people are local or live in the area for the season they are going to know about a lot of the hot spots you are going to want to check out as well.

Since Calhoun’s is not a true steakhouse you will notice the selection on the menu you have is going to be limited at times. Now, you may think that I am going to say that this is going to make the selection easier for the steak, but I will tell you that it is actually quite a bit harder than what you imagine. You will notice that it is not as easy as I have a couple of favorites from her. The first that I love is the Filet, but I also love the “ale” steak they have on the menu.

3. The Peddler Steakhouse

The Peddler is at the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and this setting has definitely made this one of the places that is a must stop when you are in Gatlinburg. Some of the best memories families have are made in Gatlinburg based off of the food they are going to be eating and the overall atmosphere of the location. In fact, some families tend to come back here for generations at a time because of the quality of the food and the great joy that people are going to have with their family while here.

When you are at The Peddler Steakhouse, I will tell you one steak you will want to try out will be the New York Strip. They do have various sizes available, which is going to make it easier for you to find the steak you want to have and know the meal will meet your hunger pangs. What is great about the Peddler Steakhouse is when you do order a steak you have access to the salad bar, but also get a side dish as well. The best part is the salad bar is well maintained and restocked on a regular basis for you to get the food you want to have and know the food will fill up your stomach.

2. Cherokee Grill

Cherokee Grill is the place that is down by Calhoun’s, but it looks like a very upscale location that could belong in New York City or even in the middle of Los Angeles as a steak place. However, what you will find is unlike the stuffy atmosphere you will find in some of these places, you are going to have a chance to enjoy some down-home Southern Charm Gatlinburg is known for. Now, this does not mean that the prices are going to be lower as the place is a very high-end location, but the service and overall atmosphere is great. Not to mention the location is close to the center of town as well, which makes it easier for you to find and know you can walk to the place.

Some people will disagree with me on my favorite steak from Cherokee Grill, but for me I love the Blue Cheese Sirloin. This steak is seasoned to perfection and I have to say the Blue Cheese definitely made it into a unique taste and when you have it cooked to medium rare it blends in perfectly. The side dish selection is decent as well, but for the steaks, you will have the challenge to decide between the Tennessee Blue Cheese Grits and the Neva’s Potatoes.

1. Alamo Steakhouse

The Alamo Steakhouse is a location that has been able to rebuild after being burnt to the ground during the wildfires. However, the place is back and it is better than ever. This is one location that you will have to drive to, which is the one negative that I can say that I have found with the location. The best news is if you go early enough you can take in the atmosphere of the location on the outside and have a chance to see what really helps to make The Alamo Steakhouse one of the locations that you are going to have to go and check out.

When you are at the Alamo, one steak that I really love is going to be the one they call the El Presidente Porterhouse. This steak is one which is going to give you quite a bit of food, but also going to give you the porterhouse and the filet at the same time. Not to mention, you do have a chance to get a salad and a side dish as well. No matter what, I will tell you this if you order this meal then you will not be leaving the location hungry because the food is that good.

How To Pick The Steakhouse In Gatlinburg

This was actually a hard list to come up with as almost all of these places could be in the first spot. However, I have to say the steak and the atmosphere at The Alamo Steakhouse is what helped propel it to the top of our list. The best part is no matter where you eat steak at from these restaurants you cannot really go wrong on your Gatlinburg vacation, but what else you will know is these are the 5 best restaurants in Gatlinburg to get a steak and know your choice will be a little bit easier.


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