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Breakfast in Gatlinburg


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5 Best Places To Eat Breakfast In Gatlinburg 2018

Breakfast in GatlinburgWhen you travel to Gatlinburg one of the best things that you can do is find some of the great places to go out and enjoy a meal at. The problem is when you are looking at all the breakfast restaurants in town from Crockett’s Breakfast Camp to Atrium Pancakes it can be very difficult to narrow down which of the fantastic Gatlinburg restaurants that serve these amazing breakfast foods you are going to want to eat the meal to start the day off with at or if this is a place that you are going to need to give a pass to. Since this is the case, I decided it was time for me to publish our list of the 5 best places to eat breakfast in Gatlinburg for 2018. This will make it easier for you to find out if the place you are eating at is going to give you the great food you want or if you are going to have some doubts about the food you are getting.

How Did I Work On The List

You may think that I just went out and ate at each restaurant on our list, which would have been great, but I can tell you my wallet nor my waistline would have forgiven me for that. Trust me, I made that mistake by eating out every day when I was working at a job once and wow it was expensive. So I took into account the food that I did eat and looked at the menu offering and reviews from multiple websites about the restaurants. When I did this, it really helped me make up my mind on how to rank the restaurants in a list that I think almost all of us will love because it definitely helps us all in knowing where to go and enjoy some amazing food. With that being said, I think it is time to stop talking about the places and actually share with you my list and why these restaurants are on the list.

1. Crocketts Breakfast Camp

Crocketts is a place you will hear about anytime you ask in any of the groups in Facebook or the travel forums on TripAdvisor on where to eat breakfast at in Gatlinburg. This is the one place that I kept reading about and when I started to research it I easily found out why this location is rated so high. I mean the food you get from here will be the type that will make you think of your momma’s cooking. Not to mention the atmosphere of this place is going to really blow your mind and make you think more about different times that you may think were in the past, but actually are quite a bit closer than what you imagine.

No matter what, the service you get from this location is amazing and if you are unsure what to get you just have to ask the staff to help you out. Then you are going to get the help you need to guarantee you find the food you want to have. The meal that I would highly recommend, depending on how hungry you are is the skillet meal because you are guaranteed not to leave hungry.


2. Pancake Pantry

One of the most iconic places you will find in Gatlinburg is the Pancake Pantry. This place is one that you are going to find absolutely amazing because it is going to make you feel like you have been transported to a completely different country. The design style has been made so you will think that you have been transported to Switzerland and is definitely worth a stop because of that, but also the food quality is out of this world good. The downside is the Pancake Pantry is a very popular destination and this means you may have to wait for a seat if you do not get up really early in the morning.

With my kids, they tend to love chocolate chip pancakes and that is a great option you will find on the menu here. However, for me, I tend to be a little bit more laid back and get the plain pancakes to give me the meal that I want to have. No matter what we all like to have the cinnamon syrup if you can find some because that is going to give you a great meal. It is important to note that this place is one that did not take credit cards and was a cash only type of business, which helped prevent it from ranking higher when I was working on the list


3. Donut Friar

The Donut Frair is an iconic place you are going to have to make several trips to.  However, each trip will be well worth going to the place because you are going to get some amazing food you cannot pass up. Not to mention this place has some of the best coffee that I have found that does not come from the main chain type of coffee shop. So this is definitely something you are going to want to consider. You may even be asking yourself why I have a donut shop listed on the breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg, well the answer is very easy.

The answer is this is a place that has some amazing donuts for you to enjoy eating. The downside is this place is so popular you have to get to the shop early or you will find the chance of them being sold out of your favorite donut is a reality. What else is great is since these are donuts and you can get them in a box you can take them down to the car and drive into the mountains to enjoy a day before the park starts to get crowded.


4. Log Cabin Pancake House 

When you are looking at the Log Cabin Pancake House you may think that it is not going to have a lot of good food because it is not on the main parkway. However, you do not want to make this mistake that often because this place really lives up to the great reputation of having some amazing food. Not to mention the decor will really fit the cabin feel to the place and make you remember that you are in the mountains and not have a cheesy type of feel that you can get at some places that have a cabin feel in the middle of a modern shopping center.

When you are eating breakfast at this location you will notice they do have a rather expansive menu. While this is good because it means you can finally find the food you want on a menu, it means you have to take a guess on what is good or not. For me, I personally love the french toast from here that has a great taste to it. My husband on the other hand really likes the country ham with some eggs.

5. Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que

You may be scratching your head on how this place even made it to the breakfast restaurants. Well, the answer is very easy they serve pulled pork on the breakfast menu and my husband said this place has to make the list. So to make him happy, I decided to include the place. However, I have to admit I really am happy that I put the place on the list because they do have a really good breakfast bar. I know I usually would not put a breakfast bar on a list like this, but I have to admit this breakfast bar deserves to be recognized. It will allow you to have some great food and have some amazing choices on what you are going to be putting on your plate.

What About The Rest? 

Well, I have to say picking out the list was very difficult to do because you have so many places I did leave off the list. This was very difficult to do because I have to admit, I really cannot find a fault with most of the restaurants that are not a fast food chain style. So I would definitely have to say this is just the start of the Gatlinburg breakfast restaurants and you can find more places to visit as well. While our list is what I view and others as well that agree with my research as the 5 best places to eat breakfast in Gatlinburg it is not all of the places that you can eat breakfast at when you travel to Gatlinburg.


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