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Sidney James Mountain LodgeNow Gatlinburg as we have mentioned multiple times before has tons of hotels to select from and this makes it hard for you to figure out where to stay at. I know that we are looking at all the different hotels in the city and in this post we are going to cover the Sidney James Mountain Lodge. This way you can start to make a proper choice on which location you should be booking to guarantee that you select the right hotel to stay in. Without this, you could have some problems in selecting the right place and then you could be disappointed and think that Gatlinburg is known only for the mountains, instead of the beauty the town holds as well.

The Sidney James Mountain Lodge is a place that is an older and independent location, but that should not turn you off from the location. In fact, this is a location that does have 3 pools for you to enjoy. Two of these pools are seasonal and outside, but they do have an indoor pool that has a tunnel that will make it fun for you and your kids. Not to mention in the indoor pool their is a hot tub that is located near the tunnel as well, so you can enjoy your trip and watch your kids in the pool while staying warm. The Sidney James Mountain Lodge does have quite a bit of parking available as well, so you do not have to worry about trying to find a parking space. The on site restaurant, though, does have a limited selection of food and in most cases could be considered more of a location that would be the hot dog type of stands, but has a more expanded menu.

On the downside of the Sidney James, the walk into town can be rather long and downhill as the location is a brisk 14 minute walk from the aquarium, but going back to the location it is all uphill and that means you will definitely end up getting your workout. A common complaint is the property seems to have some neglect issues in regards to the pool and hot tub being cleaned on a regular basis, but also with the overall maintenance of the location not being kept up properly for the age. So this basically means a lot of the rooms need to be updated to guarantee they reach the level of travel people would expect to see.

Location Of Sidney James Mountain Lodge

The address and location of this place is as follows.

610 Historic Nature Trl

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

To reach this location you will go past the aquarium on the main Parkway. You will go until you reach Historic Nature Trail, which is by the convention center. You will then turn left onto the road and you can start to go up the hill and the Sidney James Mountain Lodge will be on the right hand side of the road.

Quick View Of Sidney James Mountain Lodge
The Good
  • Has 2 outdoor pools and indoor swimming pool.
  • All rooms have free WiFi and refrigerators.
  • Has some rooms with balconies over the creeks.
The Bad
  • Location can make it hard for some people to walk into town.

Amenities Of The Sidney James Mountain Lodge

Has an indoor pool and a couple of outdoor pools. This is going to make it easier for your entire family to enjoy the trip to the Sidney James because you have plenty of things for you to do if you are stuck in the hotel. However, you will also like the fact this will be a great place for you to enjoy the pools and know that you can finally get out and enjoy the mountains, but be able to sit down by the pool after the day out with your kids or significant other and know the pool will be inviting.

The rooms that you are going to be able to go out and sit on the balcony. The balcony is private and some of them are going to have a great view of the creek, which makes it easier to sleep at night. However, a problem that you may find is on the other side of the creek is one of the side streets so you can get cars going up and down that road and if something big is going on you could have a lot of the road noise from the road, but generally it is going to be easy to block out the noise.


With the Sidney James you will find it is going to have a great feature you will like as well because it is going to make it easier for you to get into town without paying for parking and that is the hotel is on a trolley stop. The trolley will generally have a couple of extra stops before you get back into town, but it is a lot easier to ride on the trolley than having to walk all the way down into town. This is very true when it is time for you to come back to the hotel because the route back up is uphill and it can take a toll on you!

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Does The Sidney James Have Breakfast Areas?

The Sidney James does have a breakfast area, but you need to realize it is a very limited breakfast menu the last time we were at the location. However, as we mentioned above the place is located close enough to town that you can walk down to the breakfast restaurants in town or even better take a quick drive into town and you can have one of the higher end breakfast restaurants and be able to get the food you want and head straight into the mountains without having to go back to the hotel.

Does The Sidney James Have A Hot Tub?

While it is not really mentioned the Sidney James does have a hot tub and it is in the indoor pool area by the sauna. So this is definitely a plus, but you need to realize the hot tub is not always the biggest and depending on how many people are using the pool area at any given time it could be a lot fuller than what you think and may even make it impossible for you to get to the area you want to enjoy the hot tub.

Our Final Thoughts On The Sidney James Motor Lodge

The Sidney James is an older hotel and it is family owned. However, being in Gatlinburg it has to maintain a good standard to stay competitive and survive. The Sidney James does that and while it is not a five star resort, it is a nice place that you can go and lay down at night after hiking in the mountains or enjoy a night by the pool with the family. So the place definitely fills the need it has and this makes the Sidney James one of the better places for you to go out and stay at, definitely if you are on a budget as they are a budget friendly hotel in our experience.

If the Sidney James Mountain Lodge does not interest you, please check out our other Gatlinburg hotels.

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