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  • Farmhouse Mercantile

    Farmhouse Mercantile – Gatlinburg Home Decor Shop

    Quality Home Decor In Gatlinburg – Farmhouse Mercantile For frequent travelers to Gatlinburg, you may recognize the name Farmhouse Mercantile. The reason you recognize the name is the shop is one that was closed by the Gatlinburg wildfires a few years back. However, we have been in contact with the owners of the store via…

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  • Gatlinburg Wildfires – A Tragedy

    Just like most everyone that loves Gatlinburg we are horrified at the wildfires that have struck the Gatlinburg area. While the cause of these fires is still under investigation, we would like to remind everyone that the fires did strike the city we all love and some of our favorite landmarks are gone. With that…

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